Tandem Club of America

Consider joining the Tandem Club of America! Membership includes 6 issues per year of the TCA newsletter, "Doubletalk", plus tandem events calendars and membership listings.

United States: $15.00/yr
Canada: $20/yr
Other International: $25.00/yr

All Dues are quoted (and must be paid) in U.S. Dollars.
2 and 3 year memberships are encouraged.
Please fill out the form below and mail with a check made payable (in US funds) to:

Tandem Club of America
Bruce & Judi Bachelder
306 W. Union St.
Morgonton NC. 28655-3729

Membership Application/Renewal

Membership No. (from your mailing label) _____________________________
Please print your name or paste your label below. Make any Necessary corrections.



City, State, Zip:________________________________________________________________________

Phone(include area code):________________________________________________________________

Tandem Make:__________________________________ Year:_____________________________________

Color:________________________________________ Style:____________________________________

DoubleTalk is now available on tape for those who are legally blind. Please check here
if you prefer to receive your copy on tape instead of the printed copy. _______

Amount enclosed: $________ for (1) (2) or (3) years + $4.00 for each patch.
Mail to: Tandem Club of America, 306 W. Union St. Morgonton NC 28655-3729

(Multiple year memberships, 3 years maximum, are accepted at Dues Rate X Number of Years)

Is this a Renewal? ________ Have you made necessary corrections?____________

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