Gear-To-Go Tandems


The 2008 Lake Champlain Tandem Tour

July 19th through July 26th

The tour package includes:

The tour will be limited to nine (9) couples on tandems.

Total cost per Couple is $2400

Registration and Waiver forms

The 2008 Lake Champlain Tandem Tour

Day 1 Arrive in Shelburne Vermont

Join us on Saturday in Shelburne. The evening lodging and dinner are included in the tour. Come early and enjoy the attractions of the area. Visit the Shelburne Museum. Set up your tandem and get settled in, ready for tomorrow.

Day 2 Shelburne, VT
Loop Rides of 42 or 47 miles, shortcuts available

These rides head south from Shelburne toward Vergennes along a ridgeline. The returns are either along another ridgeline further inland, or along a valley road closer to Lake Champlain. Along the way you can visit the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, the Morgan Horse Museum , the Shelburne Museum, Shelburne Farms, the Vermont WildflowerFarm, etc.

Day 3 Shelburne, VT to Keeseville, NY
Rides of 31, 34, or 45 miles

Today we take the Charlotte-Essex ferry across the narrow southern end of the lake to Essex, NY. From there, we have a variety of routes to get us to Keeseville, our home for the next two nights. We will again have a group dinner tonight.

Day 4 Keeseville, NY
Rides of 24, 28, or 43 miles

Choices, choices. We have two routes mapped out that can be done separately, morning and afternoon, or combined together into one longer ride. And, there is also the option of hiking, rafting, or tubing through the AuSable Chasm.

Day 5 Keeseville, NY to North Hero, VT
Rides of 36, 45, or 69 miles

Today we head north and then east to again cross the lake on the Plattsburgh-Grand Isle ferry. This time we will end up on the picturesque islands in the middle of the lake. We will be staying at the beautiful Shore Acres Inn, North hero, Vermont. Group dinner tonight at their gourmet restaurant.

Day 6 and Day 7 North Hero, VT
Rides of 39, 41, 47, or 57 miles

Plethora of opportunities! The islands are all interconnected by causeways. We have routes going to both the north and south of the Inn. You can head nortn and go all the way to Canada, head south and explore the islands looking for the miniature stone castles that dot the route. You can golf, swim in the t sixth largest outdoor fresh water swimming pool in the United States, kayak, fish, etc.

Day 8 North Hero, VT to Shelburne, VT
Rides of 44 or 52 miles

We head back south to Shelburne, skirting around the city of Burlington on mostly back roads. There is an option to follow the Lake Champlain Bikeways along the lake as you head south.

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