Dave and Mary Moulds

Out of Mexico and in Costa Rica

January 20, 2000

Do not expect such timely messages as we go forward but this computer sitting in the main lobby of the hotel was too much to pass up. You buy an access card and can have a go, luckily this one has a better connection than we had in Mexico.

Arrived yesterday in Costa Rica after what we can only describe as interesting. Woke at 4:00AM for a 5:00AM breakfast, loaded our luggage in our small locker space, boarded our bikes and rode 15KM to the airport. Mass confusion as 240 bikes and cyclists jockeyed for position in the queue while trying to remove pedals, turn handlebars and collect luggage.

The flight was scheduled for a 9:30AM departure but as luck would have it we got away just before noon. Only one problem 240 bikes, luggage and all the gear for the group would not fit on 2, 727's. As a result they are trying to get a third plane for today.

Arrived San Jose @ 4:30PM collected luggage but no bike, waited till 8:30PM for the second plane to arrive, still no bike. As of writing this note still no bike and we think maybe tonight or tommorrow, luckily we are on a two day layover in San Jose.

Costa Rica a pleasant change from Baja!!!!!!!!! no dust, no cactus, no beans or tacos. From what we have seen a beautiful country with some great people.

We are staying at the Best Western and they are great, greeted us with a little bicycle show, press, and a neat T shirt (not sure where we will pack it) Feel like celebraties what with all the attention we are getting.

Saddle up again on Saturday for a 76 mile ride with a mere 7000 foot climb thrown in for good measure, everyone is getting pumped for what could turn out to be a very long day. We stay in a RV camp that evening then it is on to a soccer stadium field the next day for our resting place. We have now slept in hotels, school grounds, RV parks, tennis courts, town square and other and sundry places!!!

The food has been good and we have found snicker bars, coke, gummy bears, cookies, donuts and other less than ideal food has been getting us up those hills. The evening dinners have been good as have the breakfasts.

Mary has even had the chance to use her hair dryer a few times but as yet no hair coloring! Imagine my surprise to find she even packed her hair coloring apparel, I think it may end up cleaning the chain.

We will close this lengthy message and thank you for your kind thoughts. Please excuse the fact we are not addressing each response individually but time and technology does not permit.

Say a few prayers for our Saturday climbbbbbb.


Mary & Dave