Appendix 2-Pop Quiz

Only partly in jest, this part of the manual is a test on the procedures involved in servicing this brake. You'd be surprised how many experts will fail this test - especially when they haven't yet bothered to read this manual.

Question 1

95% of all problems with the Formula cable-hydraulic disc brake are caused by: A) Fluid leaking out of the system. B) Air leaking into the system. C) Worn pads. D) Cable tension.

Question 2

What fluid must be used in this system? A) Certified bicycle brake fluid. B) DOT 5.0 brake fluid. C) Mineral oil. D) Any DOT fluid that isn't blue.

Question 3

The type of store where you WON'T find suitable brake fluid: A) Wal Mart. B) A corner gas station. C) A country store. D) A good bike shop.

Question 4

To check the cable adjustment of this brake you'll need: A) Good eye-hand coordination. B) Allen wrenches and a screwdriver. C) Small pliers and a third hand. D) A large coin and a BIC pen.

Question 5

The first step in pad adjustment is to: A) Tighten the cable. B) Remove the rear wheel. C) Disconnect the hydraulic line. D) Loosen the cable.

Question 6

Pad adjustment requires: A) Feeler gauges and Allen wrenches. B) A flashlight and Allen wrenches. C) Removal of the timing chain. D) An Allen wrench.

Question 7

The best way to avoid making a mistake when adjusting the pads is to: A) Use a ball-end Allen wrench. B) Spin the wheel to check alignment. C) Pray. D) Keep one hand in your pocket.

Question 8

Do which of the following to seat the pads- A) Tighten them. B) Loosen them. C) Score them with a file. D) Ride your bike.

Question 9

After a long descent the brake rubs; what should you do? A) Loosen the pads. B) Bleed off excess fluid. C) Squirt water on the disc. D) Loosen the cable.

Question 10

Your bike has been sitting in a hot parking lot and the brake has locked up. You should: A) Loosen the pads. B) Bleed off excess fluid. C) Apply sunscreen. D) Loosen the cable.

Question 11

New pads: A) Improve stopping power. B) Improve lever feel. C) Will squeal. D) Require 200-400 miles of break-in.

Question 12

The person best qualified to service this brake: A) Has worked on motorcycles. B) Has been factory-certified to fix mountain bike disc brakes. C) Has tattoos and body piercings. D) Is holding this manual.

In case you havenít yet figured it out, the final choice is always the correct answer. This should only come as a surprise to those who havenít yet read this manual.

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