Chapter 8

How to Replace the Brake Cable

In the course of performing periodic maintenance on your bike you should inspect the brake cable for signs of wear. Frayed or rusty cable should be replaced.

In order for the brake to work optimally the new cable must be cut precisely to a length of 35 mm beyond the end of the second piece of housing.

Necessary Tools

Cable cutters

Metric ruler

2 mm Allen wrench

1) Remove rear wheel.

2) After releasing all tension on the on the cable at the inline adjuster, loosen the red, knurled lock nut.

3) Depress the plunger and unthread the red, domed cap off the end of the plunger. When the red domed cap is no longer threaded to the silver plunger, it is possible to swing domed cap sideways to remove it from the cable.

4) Once the domed cap is out of the way, slide the plunger up over the cable housing to reveal the two (2) 2 mm Allen bolts on the master cylinder's cable anchor.

5) Loosen both Allen bolts to remove the old cable from the master cylinder.

6) Pull the released cable out through the brake lever.

7) Feed a new cable through the brake lever and pass it through the longer section of housing, the inline barrel adjuster, and finally the short section of cable housing. Make sure that the housing is properly seated in the brake lever and in the inline adjuster.

8) From the end of the housing, measure 35 mm of cable and cut off the excess.

9) After threading the end of the cable through the silver plunger (and knurled red locknut), insert the cable into the cable anchor until it bottoms-out before cinching the two (2) 2 mm Allen bolts.

10) Push plunger into the master cylinder and then reinsert the red, domed cap.

11) Properly re-tension the cable assembly, following the instructions on page 9.

12) Replace rear wheel.

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