Santana 2000 Tandem Upgrades and Options
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Custom Component UpgradesCustom Finish Upgrades
Best Value & Sovereign SECroMoly Models
Tamer Shockpost (for Stoker)$149Any DuPont color$100
Tamer Pivot-Plus Shockpost (for Stoker)$188Any DuPont full length fade$200
Hadley Wheelset$249DuPont Shadeshifter-2$400
Aerospoke Wheels$499
Shimano Ultegra Crankset$349Sovereign SE
Independent Pedaling System$299Clear Prizmstd.
Ultegra STI controls$99DuPont Candy/ Santana colors$200
Pedals w/ clips and straps (each pair)$39Candy Prizm finish$300
Premium CroMoly & AluminumAnodized finish$400
Tamer Pivot-Plus Shockpost (for Stoker)$39
Aerospoke Wheels$199Sovereign, Encore, Picante
24-Spoke Wheelset$499DuPont Candy/ Santana colorsstd.
Independent Pedaling System$149Clear PrizmN/C
Cane Creek Tulfram all-alloy headset$59Any DuPont color$100
Chris King sealed headset$109Any DuPont full length fade$200
Concept-Z fork$499Candy Prizm finish$200
Shimano SPD Pedals (each pair)$39Anodized finish$300
Team Al, Noventa, Ti-700DuPont Shadeshifter-2$400
24-spoke wheelset (std on Team Al)$499
Chris King sealed headset$79Team Al
Concept-Z fork (std on Team Al)$499DuPont Team Fadestd.
Dura Ace rear brake in lieu of rear diskN/CCandy Prizm finishN/C
Shimano SPD Pedals (each pair)$39Anodized finishN/C
All ModelsDuPont Shadeshifter-2N/C
Full Factory Assembly$75
Front Tamer Shockpost$149Noventa
48 Spoke wheels$50DuPont Shadeshifter-2std.
Arai rear drum brake & controls$99DuPont Team FadeN/C
Formula rear Disk brake (in lieu of rear$399
Flight Deck Computer$50Ti700 & Ti-26
Hannebrink Z-6 Suspension Fork$499Polished finishstd.
Hannebrink Invert Susp. Fork w/front disk$999Matte finishN/C
Child Stoker Kit$249
Child Stem & Bars$89
Drop bars and Rests for Stoker$39Custom Built-to-order Frames
Custom sizing (free on Team Al, Noventa, Ti)$400
AccessoriesNon Standard configuration (mixte, Softride, extreme si$200
BikePro Travel Case w/ hard panel inserts$638Softride Stoker Beam (requires custom size & config$99
BikePro Travel Case w/ hard panel inserts$688Custom Braze-ons (each std. Bit)$20
S&S coupled Tandem Case$500
V-Brake Rack$79S&S Couplers
Triplet Steel$2,000
Triplet Aluminum$3,000
Triplet Titanium$5,000
* Per Santana Cycles: Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice based on supply, exchange rates and new product development. Prices do not include freight, dealer assembly, and applicable taxes, if any.

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