Dave and Mary Moulds

Re: Santiago, Chile here we come

January 29, 2000

Surprise, surprise we are still in Panama City and everyone has made a mad dash to the internet places to do one final check.

We were up at 4:00AM for a 6:30AM ride to the airport but as luck would have it no airplane, reschedueled to 9:00AM and now we hear it is 12:00. It is a charter out of FL and apparently it has mechanical problems.

If all goes well we arrive in SA on the 14th, Feb from Argenetina. When we arrived in San Jose Mary was met by a fellow from Venice Florida who had a copy of the article from the Venice Gondaler who took the time to come and meet some fellow Floridians. Small world.

Looks like we may need to install the middle ring sooner than expected as one of the pins on the White Ind. is working its way out. We will try to source some green loctite in Chile to repair the one we have on.

Best regards,

Dave & Mary