Dave and Mary Moulds

Here we still are in Switzerland

Wednesday, August 23, 2000 12:52 PM

Hello again from Switzerland,

Just when you thought you had read the last long report we are back with more to report, sorry.

When we last left the Internet cafe we were in the throws of arriving at a castle in Brixlegg. The place was to say the least very unique. The one part being built almost 2000 years ago, others in the 14th and 15th century and thankfully modernized, as in toilets, hot water and electricity in the mid 20th century. The breakfasts were to die for, the views spectacular (would say awesome but it is the favorite of TK&A), even have a self guided tour that was very interesting, dungeons, chapel, knights dining room and a five story tower.

After two days at the castle it was time to get back to reality and mount our trusty steed. We had planned on getting to Landeck but had to settle for Imst some 30km's short. The combination of hills, heat and heavy bags combined to make 108km plenty for the day. The route took us through Innsbruck where we witnessed a roller blade and wheel chair race. The ride was along a valley for most with mountains on both sides, truly views we are glad to have not missed.

Imst to Chur,

Following what is turning out to be a series of wonderful off route breakfasts it was off for a 107km ride to Chur. The first bit took us 40km up hill where we finally hailed a train and rode from St. Anton to Feldkirch, where we completed the balance of the ride climbing one mother of a pass enroute. You are probably asking why did we take a train for part of the way? Well when the owner of a bike shop looked at our bike, our bags, our age and where we were headed he suggested we pass on a 10km climb to some 2000+meters. We agreed!!

The ride took us through Lichtenstein a country the size of a flea then back into Switzerland via a military base that straddles the border, who says Switzerland is neutral?

The hotel we stayed at was the former post office built in 1574 and was very nicely converted. Dinner was a gastronomical delight from McDonalds.

Chur to Brig,

Up early for another day of warm sunshine as we pointed our trusty bike west towards the train station for a train ride over the Alps. In order to catch up to the group we decided today would be an ideal one to kick back and enjoy, and enjoy we did. The train ride was very picturesque, the weather was great and as usual the trains were on time and very efficient. We covered a great deal of distance in about 5 hours.

We stayed at a nice hotel in the heart of this beautiful little town where people come from all over to enjoy the splendors of the Swiss Alps. Our view was great, the weather was superb, the food this time at an Italian restaurant (no we did not have spaghetti, was great and all in all the day ended on a great note.

Brig to Martigney,

After our day of rest it was time again to point the bike down hill and pedal 97km's to Martigney. Once again we were blessed with clear skies, little wind and temperatures in the mid 80's. We chose to ride the posted bike route, something TK&A tends to avoid and the results were a ride that rivaled any we have had to date. The route was well marked, the surface other than about 1km was paved and smooth and the River Rhine was a sight to behold. We flew arriving in town in time to organize a hotel, have a shower and enjoy lunch all before 2:00PM, not bad.

Tomorrow we will ride to a place in France called Chatel, which is hard to find on even the most detailed of maps. This will put us once more on tap with the group who will be riding in from a place called Raron, Switzerland.

So far this off route experience has been what cycling should be about, comfortable distances, good food, stop to smell the roses, comfortable digs in which to enjoy your evenings and when one feels like it saying to hell with it w will take a train or do nothing for a day.

Must close for now as the keeper of the Internet is breathing over our shoulder.

Till we write again.


Dave & Mary