Dave and Mary Moulds

Hello from Ceasars last stand

April 4, 2000

Well here we are in busy, beautiful, historic Rome.

Before arriving in Rome we had a couple of beautiful, albeit it hilly, rides from Scalea to Palinuro and another from Palinuro to Salerno. These were relatively short rides as the original planned campsites where not open and plans had to be made to relocate the group. One of the rides was 85km the other 95.

We got excellent views of the ocean and the hills seemed never ending. The camp grounds was near an old Greek ruins and we got in in time to spend a few hours crawling all over the site.

We bypassed Solerno and drove to the Amalphe coast where we had a beautiful but very challenging ride. The narrow roads, tour buses from hell and drivers with a death wish made for an interesting ride. We then drove ahead to Pompeii where we stayed in a campground at the entrance to the old city. We chose a cheap bungalow on the grounds as the grounds where less than adequate to hold all of the tents and rain was threatened. This proved interesting as when we returned to get our key for the bungalow we had paid for and which had to be cleaned we found it occupied by a couple in the throws of a romantic interlude. Turns out the campgrounds rent the bungalows by the hour, never slept in a brothel before!!!

The ruins of Pompeii are spectacular as was the trip up to the top of Vesuvious the next day. We then headed off to Rome along with a significant contingent of other riders so as to have time to adequately explore this piece of history. Understand there were about 50 riders on route the last couple of days.

Rome is spectacular around every corner is a ruins, a museum or a church. The Vatican was impressive as was St. Peter's Basilica. We are staying near the coliseum (sorry about my spelling) and have walked more miles than we like to think. We are currently suffering history overload yet will try and stuff more into our few remaining hours.

Tomorrow we are off to Assisi for a 160+km ride over what we hear will be some significant climbs. There is always the possibility this may change is plans were not firmed up.

The weather has continued to be cold with nice days, some rain and very cool (cold) nights. There is also a fair amount of sickness in the group and we have had one fellow fly back home, as he cannot get rid of a respiratory problem.

The trip continues to evolve and flexibility is the key to surviving the year.

Will close for now.


Dave & Mary