Dave and Mary Moulds

Crazy Moulds Gringos Alive & Well in La Paz Mexico

January 17, 2000

Well here we are in La Paz after 17 days of what we can only describe as tough cycling. We have covered 1041 miles of some of the toughest terrain we have ever seen. In the last 17 days we have been on the bikes 15 days. To say certain parts of our anatomy are sore is a slight understatement.

The group has gelled very well but already we have had a number of people pull the plug. We are aware of five that have given up the ghost and one chap had a slight accident and will rejoin the group in Greece after he recovers.

The weather has been great and the sun plentiful. We had some unbearably cold evenings early on, in fact in one site we ended up with ice on the inside of our tent's rain fly. This was not what us Floridians expected but we guess it is all part of the toughening up. Some of the group have called the last few weeks boot camp, we would not disagree. With so many hours riding per day you do not get a chance to see much of the sights, but then what the hell, the Baja is cactus, dirt, rough roads, nice people, dirt, cactus and more of the same.

A day in the life of the group goes something like this; start unzipping tents at 5:30AM, wait for the water to be turned on usually 6:00AM, line up to wash your face and brush your teeth, line up for breakfast and eat it standing up, pack your 36"x16"x16" locker, get on your bike @ 8:00AM and ride hard till about 4:00PM, source a camp site usually the cleanest piece of dust around and pitch one's tent, line up for a hot shower, line up for supper usually eaten in the dark, then go to bed at 7:00PM only to do it again the next day. While it does sound grim, we are on a whole enjoying it (Mary made me say that).

Our good friends Ann & Tom gave us a totem for the trip and I have been calling on its mystic powers more than once. We need all the good vibes we can get. ( Mary has become a magnet convert as the necklace she got from Lindsay is working wonders).

We depart for Costa Rica on Wednesday 19th

Since internet access is poor to say the least, we would ask that all responses if any be brief and if we do not respond our apologies but this broadcast method is our only option, even phones are at a premium.

Please keep us in your prayers as you are in ours, positive energy is welcome.

Love to all,

Dave & Mary Moulds