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The 2024 French Canada Rivers and Lakes Tour

July 27th through August 4th

The tour package includes:
Eight (8) days of Quebec hospitality
Seven (7) days of riding
Eight (8) nights lodging
Six (6) dinners
Three (3) breakfasts
Five (5) afternoon 'Happy Hour' get-togethers
Maps and cue sheets
Baggage transfers

The tour will be limited to nine (9) couples.

Total cost per Couple is $4500

Registration and Waiver forms

The 2024 French Canada Rivers and Lakes Tour

Join us for a weeklong tandem tour in French Canada, with its love of biking, foods, and friendly people. Ride along the rivers in Montreregie and the Eastern Townships east of Montreal. Once a vast plain of forest, this area is filled with orchards and rolling fields. Enjoy the culture, from the food to the homes that have a decidedly French Canadian flair. Quebec has focused on being bicycle friendly and it shows in so many ways.

Visit a Pioneer Village in Drummondville. See the Biophare in Sorel-Tracy. Explore the Granby Nature Park.

This is a fun tour with lots to see and tandem friendly rides. Mostly flat to rolling riding on quiet country roads. Come on north and enjoy. Bon Voyage!

Arrival Day Saturday in St. Marc sur Richelieu, Quebec

Enjoy Auberge Hanfield on our arrival day. We are located on the Richelieu River on the outskirts of the hamlet of St Marc sur Richelieu overlooking the river.
We will have a Happy Hour this evening followed by a group dinner.

Day 2 Sunday: St Marc sur Richelieu
Rides of 17 to 40 miles

You get to explore the countryside in the quiet area on the other side of the St. Lawrence River from Montreal. Easy terrain, lots of farms, small ferries to get across the Rue Richelieu.

Or take a day to realx in the pool, use the available Spa Services, just hang out and chill.

Happy Hour and group dinner.

Day 3 Monday: St Marc sur Richelieu to Sorel-Tracy
Rides of 32 to 49 miles

Most of this ride is through flat countryside. You can ride along the Richelieu River before crossing on a small cable pulled ferry or go inland and enjoy the Quebec style homes and countryside before heading back to the ferry crossing.
Do the short ride and get to Sorel-Tracy early enough to explore the Biophare or take a cruise through the Sorel Islands.
Arrive at Hotel de la Rive in Sorel-Tracy, overlooking the St. Lawrence River.

Happy Hour and group dinner.

Day 4 Tuesday: Sorel-Tracy to Drummondville
Rides of 44 to 49 miles

Leave Sorel-Tracy on a great paved bike path then take quiet roads passing through small villages to get to St. Francois River. You follow the river and have the option of an improved but unpaved bike path along the river (Lindy and Rich roade this in September and it was lots of fun). Or, if you wish, you can stick with the roads.
Our destination for the next two nights is Le Dauphin.

Happy Hour and group dinner.

Day 5 Wednesday: East or west along the river or southeast into the countryside.
Rides of 28 to 50 miles

Go west along the river to Saint-Thomas-de-Pierreville, stop for lunch and cross the river to follow the river back east. Visit the Village Quebecois d'Antan (Pioneer Village) just before crossing back to Drummondville.
Cross the river and go east along the river before heading inland passing through some beautiful farm country. The shorter option of this route takes you past some huge cranberry farms. Also with the option to visit the Pioneer Village.
The third route goes east along the river then south into the countryside looping back around to the start. There are sections where you have the option for unpaved bike trails that are in great shape and quiet!

Day 6 Thursday: Drummondvuille to Granby
Rides of 46, 53 or 54 miles

This is an amazing day of riding on mostly flat country roads or bike paths. Basically going due south with options for mostly bike path or all road routes. They all go through small towns along the way and have plenty of food stops to keep you nourished.
Tonight and the following night we are at the St-Christophe Hotel Boutique & Spa overlooking Lac Boivin.

Happy hour and group dinner tonight

Day 7 Friday: Explore the greater Granby area
Rides of 26 to 39 miles

Loops to the east, south, and west with orchards and mountain views. All beautiful, all use paved bike paths for sections. After the ride you can stop and visit the Nature Center: Centre d'Interpretation de la Nature du Lac Boivin.

Or take a day to relax in the pool, use the available Spa Services, just hang out and chill. Ice cream shop across the street!

Day 8 Saturday: Granby to St Marc sur Richelieu
Rides of 43 or 48 miles

Leave Granby on mostly paved bike paths for the first 11 miles. Then its mostly quiet roads.
The longer, hillier option allows you to get up close and personal with one of the strange mountains that seem to pop up out of nowhere, Mt. St. Hilaire. The Monteregian hills were formed by magma in the earth's crust over a hot spot. These rocks are very hard and resisted the glaciers. The Gault Nature Reserve has hiking trails allowing you to explore this unusual formation. Afterwards, cross the river on the protected bike lane of the bridge and stop and enjoy lunch before heading north along the river the St. Marc.
The shorter, easier option skirts around the northeast side of the mountain and crosses the river via one of the small ferries just north of Auberge Handfield.

Happy hour and group dinner tonight, our final night.

Day 9 Sunday:

Time to drive home or stay around for the French Canada Montreregie and the Eastern Townships Tour

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