Gear-To-Go Tandems


The 2018 Chautauqua Tandem Tour

Saturday August 4th through Sunday August 12th

The tour package includes:

The tour will be limited to nine (9) couples on tandems.

Total cost per Couple is $3100

Registration and Waiver forms

The 2018 Chautauqua Lakes Tandem Tour

(As of March 4th just one tandem space available)

Day 1 Arrive in Dunkirk, New York

Join us on Saturday Dunkirk. The evening lodging and dinner are included in the tour. Come early and enjoy the attractions of the area. Set up your tandem and get settled in, ready for tomorrow. We will be staying at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center.

Day 2 Dunkirk
Choice of 6 Loop Rides of 27 to 58 miles.

Today's ride choices are the flat ride down the coast to the west, with an inland return. At least four wineries aliong this route. Depending on when you turn to head back, the rides are 31, 42 or 58 miles of gentle terrain.

The other options are easy rides along the coast to the east or inland rides to the northeast, with some wineries attached:).

All the rides are on bike friendly routes, with services and scenery to please.

Day 3 Dunkirk to Mayville on Chautauqua Lake
Rides of 28, 52 or 56 miles

Today's rides are on the hillier side as we climb up the 700 foot escarpment from the lake. We've chosen the gentler slopes, but we do gain altitude.

Beautiful variation in scenery and terrain as we leave the lake shore and head inland.

We end up on the edge of Chautauqua Lake, just outside of Mayville and just a couple of miles northwest of the Chautauqua Institute.

Our home for the next three nights is the Chautauqua Suites Meeting and Expo Center. We will have a group dinner tonight.

Day 4 and Day 5 Chautauqua Lake
Choice of 6 Loop Rides of 20 to 56 miles

Ride choices abound for these two days. There's the simple 'ride around the lake' ride, the abreviated version where you take a ferry (subject to ferry being operational) to cross in the center of the lake, the trip to the Lucy-Desi museum, etc.

You can also spend time at the Chautauqua Institute and take in some fo the talks and musical events. The calendar was not available at presstime:)

There are also a couple of 'get away from it all' rides into the hinterlands.

Overall, too many options and not enough time.

Day 6 Mayville to Peek 'n Peak
Rides of 22, 24, 33 or 40 miles

Hilly, but beautiful, rides today, hence the lower mileage.

Scenic, rolling, updulating riding. The hills are not steep, but you'll know they are there. The countryside and views are outstanding. The towns are miniscule. Enjoy!

Our home for the next three nights is the Peek'n Peak Resort and Spa .

Day 7 Peek 'n Peak
Rides of 16, 31, 33, 34 or 43 miles

Today's rides are again on the hilly side. The Panama Rocks Park is one of the scenic highlights of the day. There is an essentially 'out and back' route to the park, or it can be part of a longer loop ride. All of the rides are along mostly remote, quiet roads.

Or, you can take a day off the bike and play a round of golf, relax in the spa, or just veg.

Day 8 Peek 'n Peak to Dunkirk
Rides of 44 or 45 miles

Today’s rides take us back to Dunkirk. No rush to leave, relax for a while in the morning before heading out.

Although the two routes are the same distance, they are different. Both enjoy the scenery of the hills and the 850' descent back down to Lake Erie level.

We again stay at the Clarion Hotel and have another group dinner tonight. A fine time to exchange stories and enjoy one another's company.

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